Commercial Video Production

Good commercial video production is an art all of its own. Before the advent of the internet, commercials were the pinnacle of advertisement with billions spent each year on commercials ranging from cheesy local and regional ads to multi-million dollar superbowl commercial videos that launched empires such as Apple.

Fortunately, online marketing allows brands to reach a national audience for far less monetary investment, and in a fraction of the time. Although rare, some commercial videos are just so funny they become a viral success.

Dollar Shave Club’s first commercial racked up 4.75 million views–thanks in large part to shares on social media sites.

What are commercial videos?

A commercial is often the viewer’s first impression of a product or service. This would be in the awareness stage of a good marketing funnel.

Just like an elevator pitch, a commercial should relay only the broad strokes and the most important information and never overwhelm the viewer with too many details.

Some commercial videos are intended for brand exposure and emotional connection only and barely even mention the product!

The key is to use the KISS rule. (keep it simple stupid!)

How long is a commercial video?

Some commercials last up 60 seconds, but most are only around 30 seconds. Some youtube commercials are as short as just 6 seconds to get the message across before being skipped! A good commercial should be short and sweet.

Benefits of

Benefits of Commercial Videos

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