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Medialuv is a results driven animation studio that transforms messages into animated videos your audience will luv.

We’ve helped hundreds of brands and agencies captivate and build audiences with the power of animation.

Ryan Maloney

Ryan Maloney, Founder of MediaLuv

Obsessed with Creating, Business, Story, Drawing, Results. Thinks all problems and communication can be simplified and made more fun with visuals and videos.

MediaLuv was an accident

In 2009, Ryan Maloney was animating late at night, getting ready to deliver an animated music video for a Universal Music Artist the next morning.

When the management team at Universal saw the final video, they were thrilled. “This is going to be big, you should put your company name on the video,” they said to Ryan.

But Ryan was a designer and animator working for design agencies, start ups and freelancing. He didn’t have a company name.

In a state of sleepless delusion, Ryan mumbled to put “MediaLuv,” at the end of the video, and over the next few weeks, MediaLuv’s name would be seen by millions of viewers.

Since “views” don’t pay bills, Ryan continued to work full time. But MediaLuv continued to grow at night organically. Knowing close to nothing about starting a business, Ryan focused on what he knew how to do best: “create great work and deliver projects on time, every time, and work as hard as possible to not screw things up.”

Call it beginners luck, or being fueled by a deep fear of disappointing clients, the business grew, and 4 years later, there was too much demand to ignore and Ryan jumped ship to officially launch MediaLuv Creative.

Today, MediaLuv works with hundreds of clients across the Entertainment, Beauty, Toy, Start Up and CPG industries, delivering great work, on time, every time, and working extremely hard to get clients massive results and to not screw things up.

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Luv what you do!

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Be fearless!

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MediaLuv has the tools and expertise to animate your message and further your brand’s marketing goals. We amaze our clients by creating stunning animations that propel their growth and get their audience sharing the love!