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Launching a new beauty product in a crowded marketplace requires every advantage you can get. Is your product is in the beginning phase and you’re looking for buy-in from your team?  Are you looking to boost sales and reach with your social media following? No matter what stage your product is in, you’ll definitely need a top tier design team to drive success.

Here’s the thing. Medialuv helps beauty product companies and their marketing teams launch new products with compelling sizzle reels and secure shelf space and increase price points with beautiful packaging and sales literature.  We also help you build dedicated brand communities with social media content that gets attention and drives your message.

The bottom line? Medialuv has a proven track record working with the world’s largest beauty companies creating profitable products and valuable household names. Get in touch and let’s discuss your marketing goals.

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Devrie Global Sizzle Reel
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Devries Global

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Secret Freshies Sizzle Reel
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Secret Freshies


MediaLuv has the tools and expertise to animate your message and further your brand’s marketing goals. We amaze our clients by creating stunning animations that propel their growth and get their audience sharing the love!